[60875] Furnished apartment Guy Metro, Peel Metro 04/24/2017(Mon)22:37

Available from now or May 1st, large furnished bedroom with AC, WIFI, desk, bed, etc. Apartment also has a private gym, swimming pool and convinience store (konbini). We are looking for someone quiet and clean.
Locate 12 mins walking distance from GUY or PEEL metro.
Very large and clean. 465$ month please email for pictures
[60874] Room Montreal Villa Maria Metro Station Eric 04/24/2017(Mon)08:34

Two rooms available. Room 1 has one double bed. Room 2 has two double beds. Fully furnished. All included. WiFi, electricity, Hot water, Gas and heat. I can email you pictures. Close to nice restaurants, Coffee shops, Language school, Yoga classes, Pool etc.I am a language teacher.
514 234 3340
[60873] VERY LARGE FURNISHED ROOM (PLATEAU) JUNE 1ST Van 04/23/2017(Sun)22:21

Very large fully furnished room in a spacious apartment. Located on Mont-Royal av. East (Plateau) Close to LaFontaine Park, Supermarket 24h, about 10min walk to Mont-Royal station. Rent is 450$/month including all utilities, electricity, WiFi, TV cable, washer & dryer, etc For short or long term!
[60871] **Sunny room & nice roommates** $580 - DOWNTOWN 04/22/2017(Sat)22:50

Cute room with balcony is available downtown Montreal from May 1st.

The room is furnished with IKEA things. Guy-Concordia Metro stop is across the street. Close to grocery stores and shops. WIFI, laundry, all included.

All roommates are girls. We are looking for another girl. ^___^
[60870] Atwater駅から徒歩3分です。425$/月 ちづ 04/22/2017(Sat)20:56


[60869] Furnished bedroom GUY Metro 04/22/2017(Sat)19:06

Available from now or May 1st, large furnished bedroom with AC, WIFI, desk, bed, etc. Apartment also has a private gym, swimming pool and convinience store (konbini). We are looking for someone quiet and clean.
Locate 12 mins walking distance from GUY or PEEL metro.
Very large and clean. 485$/month please email for pictures
[60863] Sunny Clean Room (furnished) $350 (Plateau / Mile end) 04/21/2017(Fri)09:45

Sunny private room in a large (3rd floor) apartment. The apartment is clean, bright, spacious, with wood floors, balconies, washer, wifi, on a quiet, tree lined street. Close to park Mont Royal, bus, metro, shopping, grocery and healthy food stores, restaurants, cafes, downtown. Non smoking. everything included. Photos available room.esplanade@gmail.com
[60861] プラトーにあるアンティークに囲まれた部屋 $350 Jean Heneault 04/20/2017(Thu)17:36

おしゃれな街プラトーにある、アンティーク家具に囲まれたお部屋です。最寄り駅は laurireかmont-royal。徒歩4分です。即入居できる方を探しています。光熱費、ランドリー、高速インターネット、全て込みで$350/monthになります。是非見学にいらしてください。
フランス語:achatantique@gmail.com / 日本語:goto.ayako@gmail.com
[60855] 今すぐ車庫を貸し出すことができる lucy 04/19/2017(Wed)13:40

使わずに置く室内、室外の車庫がありますから、費用は月50−100ドル、時間によって、値段が違ってます。場所はangrignon lasalle

514 913 5588 lucy
[60854] 五月から、入居でき lucy 04/19/2017(Wed)13:25

ANGRIGNONメトロまで徒歩2分、安全な住環境、立地条件も良く,電気、暖房、ネット、洗濯機、家具、寝具、食器など込みで、涼しい地下室鍵付きの部屋は300$、 三ヶ月以上割引がある。
5149135588 日仏
[60853] NICE FURNISHED ROOM (PLATEAU) FROM MAY Van 04/19/2017(Wed)11:34

Fully furnished room in a spacious apartment with nice balcony. Located on Mont-Royal av. East (Plateau) about 10-12min walk to Mont-Royal station. Rent is 360$/month including all utilities, electricity, WiFi, TV cable, washer & dryer, etc… For short or long term! Available now or may 1st.
[60851] 8月から$450 Vendome HB 04/18/2017(Tue)15:42

[60828] ルームメイト募集!月400$ kyohey  04/14/2017(Fri)14:23


LINE ID:kyohe74
mail: kyouheitakemoto@gmail.com
[60823] Looking for new roommate from 5/1 阿部 04/13/2017(Thu)17:01

We are looking for new roommate from5/1~for 3weeks
The place is located nearby laurier station and close to supermarket, park, cafe,and restaurant!
Environment is really good for who wants to encourage English and French skills!
Rent is 500(everything is included)
Please refer to HP which I put on.
[60822] Villa-maria駅から徒歩5分(ホームステイ) Musika 04/12/2017(Wed)22:09

[60819] プラトーにあるアンティークに囲まれた部屋 $450 Jean Heneault 04/12/2017(Wed)12:34

おしゃれな街プラトーにある、アンティーク家具に囲まれたお部屋です。最寄り駅は laurireかmont-royal。徒歩4分です。即入居できる方を探しています。光熱費、ランドリー、高速インターネット、全て込みで$450/monthになります。是非見学にいらしてください。
フランス語:achatantique@gmail.com / 日本語:goto.ayako@gmail.com

[60808] Furnished apartment Guy metro and Peel metro 04/10/2017(Mon)19:28

Availale now. Furnished bedroom with Aircon and wifi. Private gym and swimming pool access included. Located 12 mins from Guy metro and 15 mins from Peel metro. Very clean and nice. Please send a message for pictures. Price is price is 480 per month
[60807] ルームメート募集(即日と5月中旬から) Monkland 04/10/2017(Mon)09:00

メトロVilla-Maria駅から徒歩5分。商店街の中心で、ダウンタウンや大学にも近く、便利で安全な立地。 家具付、電気、電話、高速Wi-Fi、TVなど全て込みで月$460。4ヶ月以上の長期は割引有。洗濯機・乾燥機も建物内にあります。日本人女性とのシェア。非喫煙者で、猫好きの方希望。写真も送れます。詳しくはお気軽にメールでお問い合わせを!
[60794] 大きな家賃 420$ すべてが含まれています Martin 04/08/2017(Sat)18:15

Only 30 minutes from downtown by bus, metro or bicycle. We live in a big 6 1/2 with a nice backyard, trees, リス

Fully furnish bedroom,
Access to a fully equipped kitchen,
Access to a big bathroom,

Near metro station, parc, garden, market, shopping street

We speak english, french and a bit of japanese.

[60788] 緑線のLasalle駅まで徒歩1分間!!! 6月1日から〜 A 04/07/2017(Fri)23:24

緑線のLasalle駅まで徒歩1分間の距離とても便利な所。シェアハウスとなり、女性一人とのシェア。綺麗、明るくまた安全な所です。鍵付きの部屋、家具、洗濯機、乾燥機、電気製品、電熱、水道料、高速Wifi、暖房、電話、食器、寝具など全込み$450。ビルの後ろにMaxiとCanadian Tireが揃え、マギル大学やコンコルディア大学(ダウンタウンエリア)まで電車一本で5〜6分以内に行ける。商店街まで徒歩10分間以内。男女問わず。
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